How Distributed Content Creation delivered
300% increase in sales for a Gourmet Ingredient Brand

The Challenge:

While young upwardly mobile Indian consumers understand gourmet in a restaurant, they are not clued into gourmet cooking. In fact, the #1 related search keyword is “GOURMET MEANING”. How does an e-commerce build equity in a scenario like this?

Distributing Content Creation Excellence

We identified a community who would best stand for excellence in content creation for the product range. We reached out to over 50 mid-level food bloggers, amateur bakers and chefs with strong following. They began to create content around recipes-in-action with the Sprig range of products. While the control of the creative language remained with the brand, we saw wonderfully innovative recipes involving our products come alive on the channels of our content creators.

Content that Resonates with the Sprig Quality and Range

Structuring and curating the content that our partners come up with is key to the effort for Sprig. At every step, we ensure that the recipe, the method and the pictures of the dish or dessert are in line with our brand guidelines, assisting the content consumer to make a direct association with the Sprig range. To this end the in-house team partnered the creators at every step with support on photography, video-creation, content creation and recipe curation. What surprised us was the hyper-creative ways in which our content creators began to use our product range.


Content Pieces
Engaged Users