To craft the summer campaign for Wonderla, India’s favorite amusement park, we went back to their reason to exist: to stand for exhilarating madness, thrill, joy and intense entertainment for everyone in the family. Our thought started with the sound of Wonderla, the piercing screams of throngs of park-goers as they hurtled to the ground, were tossed in the air or ended a 50 foot drop into a resounding splash.The scream was the soundtrack of the park. But when you’re in that moment, screaming your lungs out, you’re thinking something. Probably something you wouldn’t tell anyone. We extended that scream and the thought that goes with it into communication that tells the Wonderla story.

The radio strategy for the Wonderla summer was simple: get the listeners to re-create the sound that was Wonderla’s soundtrack on air. We opened up the phone lines and asked people to call in and give the RJs a scream of thrill, joy and exuberance. The lines were jammed with enthusiastic screamers, the lucky ones among which won free passes to the park.But the real fun began when we used these screams to create the Wonderla scream song, a song created entirely from screams.