How do you build brand and sales with a single idea ?
No not with an ad or a stunt or PR. But with a windowseat . A date that a parent keeps with his/her child at a toy store: FULL OF TOYS.

Behind the scenes
Full of Toys is an omni-channel (retail and e-commerce) toy store selling educational toys curated and handpicked from across the world. This category promotes itself like nutritional supplements, asking parents to buy toys to improve motor skills, spatial skills and so on. The challenge was to create a unique market intervention that drives store traffic and at the same creates brand stories that can be further amplified as engaging online communication with a high dose of authenticity.

The Big Impact beyond all brand metrics.
Playdate created happy parents and children. Watch exuberated parents starved of quality time with their children, not only thanking the brand for a concept like this, but also hailing this idea as an idea that advances their parenting skills.


Playdate becomes a self-sufficient marketing idea.
Playdate is a permanent ever expanding idea. See how it has a become a self-sufficient marketing engine, creating more happy parents week after week.

Overall impact.

  • Playdate databases are being used to sharply narrow cast age relevant toys via e-mailers etc driving traffic to the e-commerce website.
  • Sales during a Playdate is beyond all our anticipation with the highest single bill value bill being Rs.18000 by a single parent on one day.


Video Views
Stories Created
Even today, the Playdate continues…
…and continues to be the enabler of quality time between parents and their children.